360 live sound effects can be supported: Sony launches two wireless speakers, SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000

Sony has launched two new wireless speakers, SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000, both of which support its exclusive 360 presence sound effects, and through unique design and exclusive technology, its sound can be well filled in the entire room, with wide and best listening position.

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SRS-RA5000 has a total of seven speaker units, three of which are inclined upward at a certain angle, and three are oriented horizontally in all directions. The size of these six speaker units is 46mm, and there is also a 70mm subwoofer. SRS-RA5000 measures 235 x 329 x 225 mm, weighs 4.9 kg, and has a power of 55W.

SRS-RA5000 has passed the Hi-Res certification, and has the function of automatically balancing the volume. Even if the volume of different audio files is different, it can keep the volume of the sound heard by the user at the same level, so that the music is suddenly too loud or too low to listen.

In terms of interface, SRS-RA5000 only has a 3.5mm audio interface, and it can automatically connect to Sony’s BRAVIA TV via Bluetooth to provide a better sound experience for the TV. SRS-RA5000 also supports 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi connection, built-in Chromecast, which can conveniently push stream playback.


SRS-RA3000 is similar in functionality to SRS-RA5000, but the sound quality experience will be slightly weaker. SRS-RA3000 has a total of 2 tweeter units, 1 full-frequency unit and 2 passive units. The size of the 2 tweeters is 17mm, the size of the full-range unit is 80mm, and the 2 passive units are oval with a size of 103 x 37mm.

SRS-RA3000 measures 146 x 247 x 155 mm, weighs 2.5 kg, and has a power of 20W. In addition, Sony said that SRS-RA3000 also has a moisture-proof function and can be used in the kitchen or even the bathroom.