Really? Google confirms that the Pixel 6 box does not come with a charger

On August 18, Google officially released the Pixel 5a today, which is Google’s last mobile phone with a charger in the box.

According to reports, Google’s upcoming flagship mobile phone Pixel 6 series will no longer be equipped with a charger, and the phone will officially debut this fall.

Google and Apple’s explanations are similar. Google believes that most people already have one or more chargers in their homes, and that not equipped with chargers in the box can reduce the size of the box and make it more environmentally friendly.

Of course, the deeper reason is that Google can save costs, but will Google transfer the saved costs to consumers?

Prior to this, smartphone brands such as Samsung and Apple announced that they would not have chargers in their packaging boxes, such as the iPhone 12 series and Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and their reasons are mostly similar.

Compared with these brands, although some versions of Xiaomi do not send chargers, they also provide versions with chargers at the same price, which is convenient for consumers to choose freely.