[RedTom Morning Post]: Apple reminds not to use hydrogen peroxide to clean iPhone, Honor Magic 3 fully releases Snapdragon 888+ performance, and more

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Apple updates supporting documents: reminds not to use hydrogen peroxide to clean iPhone

A few days ago, Apple’s “How to Clean Apple Products” document was updated with two new additions:

1. You can use 75% ethanol wipes to gently wipe the hard, non-porous surface of Apple products.

2. Do not use hydrogen peroxide products.

Hydrogen peroxide in daily life generally appears in the form of aqueous hydrogen peroxide, which is a common disinfection product. Previously, Apple’s recommended disinfectant product was 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes (IPA). However, whether it is isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes, try not to touch the speakers, microphones and other holes, let alone immerse them for disinfection.

RedTom Thoughts😊: Be careful, your iPhone is fragile! Lol!


Full release of Snapdragon 888+ performance, Honor Magic 3 official warm-up

“Performance leap” is obviously implying that the Honor Magic3 series will provide the ultimate performance. It is reported that this phone is the second product of Honor and Qualcomm’s cooperation, equipped with the Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship processor, and will be further optimized at the bottom to bring a better user experience.

RedTom Thoughts😊: Honor, the forever god of budget phones!


Realme GT Master Edition’s new color scheme was exposed for the first time

Judging from the announced new color scheme, the white version does not have the 3D texture of the master exploration version, but uses a very simple white design as a whole, with a rear vertical matrix three cameras and the realme logo in the lower left corner. The realme officially said that it may be the white phone with the best texture of the year.

RedTom Thoughts😊: To be honest, the white realme phone is pretty gorgeous!


More than Snapdragon 888 Plus! iQOO 8 series is coming

A well-known blogger released a screenshot of the iQOO8 series system, which revealed some of the phone’s parameters. The iQOO 8 model is V2141A, which will be equipped with 12GB of memory and support 4GB of memory expansion to achieve a 16GB memory experience. It is worth mentioning that, as a short-board project of iQOO in the past, iQOO 8 will also bring top-level screen specifications this time, equipped with a 2K high refresh screen, with a resolution of 3200*1440p.

RedTom Thoughts😊: Is it the next cost-effective phone king?


Former WhatsApp employees target Facebook with private social network

Facebook’s business model means it’s heavily reliant on collecting user information for ad-tracking purposes, resulting in huge profits for the firm. But two former WhatsApp veterans have announced their own take on the social network that promises to be the antithesis of Facebook. HalloApp is the brainchild of Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue, who both worked at WhatsApp before and after Facebook acquired the messaging platform, The Verge reported. The new service claims to be “the first relationship network,” according to an official blog post. So what does that actually mean?


RedTom Thoughts😊: Seems like a new awesome social app is coming!

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