[RedTom Morning Post]: Xiaomi Youpin is crowdfunding 20W lipstick super charger, Realme Flash: Android’s first magnetic wireless charging phone, and more

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Xiaomi Youpin is crowdfunding 20W lipstick super charger

The lipstick power bank is popular with many girls because of its compact body. Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has launched an Anker lipstick supercharger with a brand-new lipstick shape. It comes in two colors, black and pink, and the price is CNY99. It measures 113x30x30mm and weighs 170g. It also has a small handle design. The overall weight is only 170g. It can be picked up with a single finger, and there is no pressure to carry it out. The standard charging plug is foldable, and it can be charged at any time at the sockets in cafes, high-speed rails, and public areas. The surface is embedded with a circular battery indicator, and it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge itself.

RedTom Thoughts😊: How cute the lipstick super charger is! I love it!


The experience is comparable to iOS! Mi 9 Transparent Premium Edition has been upgraded to MIUI 12.5

Recently, Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Premium Edition has pushed the MIUI 12.5 stable version of the system update, the system kernel will be changed to Android11, and the Google security patch will be upgraded to the April 2021 version. The new MIUI 12.5 focuses on security and privacy, super wallpaper, dynamic design, tactile design, system optimization, etc., and the experience is comparable to or even surpassing iOS. In terms of fluency, MIUI 12.5 rewrites the System UI, reducing the memory usage of core scenes by 20%, and optimizing the system apps one by one, reducing the background memory usage by an average of 35%. At the same time, MIUI 12.5 will further upgrade the light cone motion effect architecture to build a dedicated thread for gestures, prioritize the scheduling of gesture operations, speed response, motion effects comparable to iOS, and mobile phones with different configurations are smoother.

RedTom Thoughts😊: Xiaomi is definitely the Android phone king! MIUI is awesome!


Realme Flash official announcement: Android’s first magnetic wireless charging phone!

On the morning of August 1st, realme officially announced the “realme Flash” and revealed that it will become Android’s first magnetic wireless charging phone. According to the picture, the realme Flash has a ring-shaped device in the center of the back. It should be like the iPhone 12 series. A magnetic device is placed inside the fuselage, which can be used to absorb external accessories. For example, magnetic wireless charging, so that wireless charging can be used like wired charging while playing. However, unlike the Magsafe of the iPhone 12, the realme Flash model may bring magnetically attracted wireless fast charging, and its charging power may reach more than 50W. This will also make it the fastest magnetic wireless charging model in the world

RedTom Thoughts😊: Seems like that iPhone will have a very powerful opponent–Realme!


Why does Huawei’s 5G chip Kirin 9000 can only be used as 4G?

The Huawei P50 series has been released. The biggest regret is that due to external factors, it only supports 4G networks. Many people are puzzled. The Kirin 9000 processor is a 5G chip. Why can it only be used as 4G? According to analysis, in the context of 5G SoC still in stock, Huawei mobile phones cannot realize 5G functions, and the only possibility is that there is a problem with the radio frequency module. 5G mobile phones require dedicated antennas and RF front-ends. Although the antennas cannot be difficult for Huawei’s suppliers, Huawei can also develop RF transceivers on its own, but RF front-end modules still need to rely on other manufacturers.


RedTom Thoughts😊: If Huawei has enough chip resource, I think it can transcend Apple iPhone!


Snapdragon 898 specifications are exposed: it uses Samsung 4nm process

Some time ago, when Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 888 Plus chip, it also accidentally exposed the product plan of the next-generation flagship chip. The official revealed that the terminal products equipped with “sm8450” are expected to be officially unveiled at the end of the year. Earlier, it was reported that Qualcomm would change the new-generation platform back to the original model and named it “Snapdragon 895”, but some news recently confirmed that the new platform will be named “Snapdragon 898”. This morning, a well-known blogger brought the latest news about the chip. He revealed that the Snapdragon 898 will be equipped with a three-cluster CPU design. Among them, the super-large core frequency reaches 3.09GHz, the large core frequency is 2.4GHz, and the small core frequency is 1.8GHz.

RedTom Thoughts😊: Awesome! Better than Snapdragon 888! The next flagship phone standard!

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