Roborock mopping robot hits Japan and wins the main position of largest electrical appliance seller

The mopping robot has become a must-have home appliance for young people today. It is very practical and interesting whether it is cleaning the floor or as a pet car.

In the mopping robot industry, mopping robots produced by China are no less inferior to international brands in terms of technology and experience. Among them, the Roborock technology of Xiaomi’s ecological chain must be mentioned.

Previous data showed that for every 10 laser mopping robots sold in China’s five major e-commerce channels, 8.4 of them were from Roborock. It accounts for 84.5% of the sales of laser mopping robots in the five major e-commerce channels.

Roborock mopping robots have spread to Japan and occupy the main position in Yamada, Japan’s largest electrical appliance seller.


It is understood that Yamada Denki, founded in 1973, is Japan’s largest electrical appliance seller, a leader in the Japanese home appliance retail industry, and the world’s second-largest electrical appliance sales chain store and the world’s top 500.

As a developed country, Japan has entered an aging society. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan released the population estimation data on October 1, 2019. The results showed that the total population including foreigners was 126.67 million, a decrease from the previous year. 276,000 people have decreased for 9 consecutive years, marking the largest decrease since 1950.

Among them, the population over 65 years old was 35.885 million, accounting for 28.4% of the total population, 18.49 million were over 75 years old, accounting for 14.7%, and both accounted for a record high. 15.21 million under 14 years old, accounting for 12.1%, the proportion fell to a new low.

Elderly people are in great need of household appliances with simple operation logic and excellent performance. The Roborock mopping robot supports intelligent control by mobile APP, Siri, smart speakers, etc. At the same time, through settings, smart home appliances can also be intelligently linked.

As early as 2019, Japan’s Softbank Group announced the introduction of intelligent mopping robot products developed by the Chinese company Roborock Technology. Roborock is the only partner of Softbank to cooperate in intelligent mopping robot products.

Among them, Roborock S6, an intelligent mopping robot developed and produced by Roborock, was launched on October 18, 2019, as the first batch of Softbank SB C&S products.