SATUO F6 Wireless Dust Cleaning and Mopping Machine:One Machine Solves ALL The Problems

I believe many people have the same trouble as me, the most dislike housework to do is sweeping and mopping the floor! Have you found that the floor of the home is particularly easy to get dirty, you need to spend time cleaning it everyday. After the cleaning the whole body will be back-breaking and the arms are getting sore as well. I was always wondering how to solve this problem. As long as you gently push, then you can finish sweeping, mopping and wiping the floor. A machine that can completely liberate your hands. With the criteria to choose from, I soon found the target, which is the SATUO F6 dust cleaning and mopping machine, which claims to suck thoroughly and mop clearly.


SATUO F6 wireless dust cleaning and mopping machine, you can know from the name that it can clean the dust and mop the floor intelligently by one machine. You only need to push it so the hair, paper, dust, oil stains and other dirty dots will be easily cleaned. The floor is as clean as new, and it will not be wet and no large area of water marks.


As a suction and drag integrated product, accessories should be comprehensive for sure. The SATUO F6 contains the main machine, the suction rod, floor mop, the two-in-one multifunctional flat bristle brush, the charging storage seat, the charger, the water injector, two sprinkler heads, two mops and the manual. Powerful accessories can meet the needs of different situations and areas, and save time to the greatest extent.



Silver gray as the main color, and other accessories match black, the color of the entire appearance is very consistent with the color of the home. In order to use more light, a suction rod will be used to connect the main machine with the mop head, so you won’t feel tired when you do cleaning. 


As the core part of the whole product, the design of the host determines the characteristics of the whole product, and is also the integration of many functions. In fact, the design concept of the product is pretty nice. The host is already assembled, so that the user can use it directly. This time we will simply disassemble a more detailed understanding.


The main engine of SATUO F6 is divided into three parts: motor, battery and fitter.


Motor: The SATUO F6 is equipped with an ultra-high speed Turbs brushless motor, with a maximum suction force of 21000Pa, which can absorb all kinds of paper, dust, hair, particles and so on. At the same time, there is a newly designed 4.0E  high performance turbo fan blade, which further improves the vortex lift. In addition, with the design of surrounded 3D dust inlet, the product has more powerful power and its cleaning ability is also greatly improved.


Battery part: The SATUO F6 is equipped with a removable high energy lithium battery pack of 2200mAh, and the optimized BMS-D9 battery energy management plan is adopted to allocate energy resources more reasonably and efficiently, and even for large-sized homes, there is no need to worry about the problem of battery lasting.

Filtering system: ARJ-J6 air filter system is adopted in the SATUO F6, which can provide a healthy fresh air environment.At the same time, due to the turbine cyclone design, the air duct can rotate quickly and generate huge centrifugal force, which can effectively absorb impurities such as dust, reduce the contact with the filter screen, and keep the filter screen clean and smooth to the maximum extent.


The charging port of the SATUO F6 is designed at the end of the handle, which takes convenience into full consideration.When charging at the same time, there will be 4 power indicator lights and 4 blue lights shows it’s fully charged.


The other core of SATUO F6 is the mop head, which adopts the new FastBrush cleaning technology and reasonably relies on the four steps of vacuuming, wiping the ground, spraying water and mopping the ground to clean the ground stains.In particular, the mop part also adopts the dry and wet separation technology, that is wipe and dry, to ensure that the ground does not leave water stains.


In fact, the mop head is a very interesting design, with two large lips like two brushes, which are responsible for cleaning up the debris to the maximum extent.And it is able to do more than 600 high frequency reciprocating operations per minute, with same time, the more times to wipe, the cleaner the floor will be.


The functional division of the mop head is divided into four parts: one mop before and one mop after each, two mopeds with a gap between them, the water spraying device on the left, and the ground monitoring device on the right.


The FastBrush cleaning technology is fully developed to make the correct cleaning method more efficient, so that the absorption + wipe + spray + drag multi-combination function is concentrated to achieve, easily solve the dilemma of multi-machine cleaning.

There is also an ingenious design of a water tank above the head of the mop. When we mop the floor, we can add water to the water tank through the mouth of the water tank above with the kettle. There is no need to worry about water stains on the ground.


Secondly, every family has some difficult cleaning positions, such as the corner and the edge are often the most difficult positions to clean, when there is a SATUO F6, even the difficult cleaning position’s dust can also be sucked up. Through the practical operation, you can see the daily corner dust and daily visible sundries, with the SATUO F6, it can be easily done.

Of course, the actual effect is much better than imagination, on the one hand, the sucked function can gather the dust to the absorption box, on the other hand, it can wipe the place at the same time, and there won’t be any water mark, the function is designed very thoughtful.

After a series of practical experience, the SATUO F6 can be very eye-catching, compared to the traditional way of cleaning, it can be said to be very powerful;It is not only a cleaning device, but also a new concept of life, allowing technology to liberate human hands.The 21000Pa ultra-high speed brushless motor and 2200mAh removable high-energy lithium battery pack double support, as well as six filtering system, water precision control system, battery energy optimization design, bionic technology, dry and wet separation and other scientific and technological application, so that the SATUO F6’s cleaning ability is greatly enhanced.

If you like it and want to improve your house cleaning conditions,  I highly recommend you to get one!