Nestlé Ice Cream launches [OREO Sandwich Ice Cream] which is popular all over the world!


As we all know, the national ice cream brand that grew up with Malaysians, Nestlé Ice Cream has a wide range of ice creams, whether it is classic or creative flavors, I believe there is always one that can capture your heart! If you are also a loyal fan of Nestlé Ice Cream, then you have another good fortune! Nestlé Ice Cream has strongly launched the world-famous ice cream——OREO cream-flavored sandwich ice cream, which is now officially on sale in Malaysia! If you are a fan of OREO or ice cream, it is definitely worth a try. It is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite!


Nestlé Ice Cream launches a new flavor——OREO Sandwich Ice Cream! The full oreo ice cream inset will detonate your taste buds!

When OREO biscuits and ice cream are combined, what kind of sparks will collide? OREO Sandwich Ice Cream is the answer! The rich, fragrant and creamy ice cream is paired with crushed OREO biscuits, which are loved by men and women of all ages, and sandwiched between two large pieces of high-quality and soft OREO biscuits. The shape is like an “enlarged version of OREO biscuits”, extremely eye-catching!

After eating a bite, you can feel the soft oreo biscuit slowly melting in your mouth, and then what comes is the rich and creamy ice cream and full of oreo biscuit crumbs. The multi-layered taste makes people happy to fly. Ah~ The point is, the sweet but not greasy taste makes people unable to stop one bite after another!


Does your family love Oreo cookies? So let’s have a magic show at home today. Replace ordinary Oreo biscuits with “Large Oreo Sandwich Ice Cream”, and try the Oreo Sandwich Ice Cream launched by Nestlé Ice Cream with your beloved family and friends. It will surprise everyone and let all families enjoy endless fun.


Stay at home, order OREO Sandwich Ice Cream online, and will be delivered to your home!

This brand new OREO Sandwich Ice Cream is now on sale in Malaysia! Everyone can stay at home safely, order, and buy through the Nestlé Ice Cream official online store so that you can easily enjoy the delicious OREO Sandwich Ice Cream at home.

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