Six iPhone 12 accessories that full of sense of design

After the launch of the iPhone 12, consumers around the world are eager to buy it, which has also driven the accessories industry to keep up with the trend. It’s not just the mobile phone shell, many manufacturers and designers have come up with a new generation of accessories to fit the iPhone 12, here are 6 gadgets that full of sense of design.



Modular lens

Taking pictures has always been a big job on the iPhone, and Apple has updated the iPhone 12 with a powerful lens set and image processing system.However, users are always not satisfied, and the external lens accessories have been updated over the years to suit different iPhone models.Shawn Wang’s +Lens modular Len is an upgrade for the iPhone 12. The stand snaps directly onto the top of the iPhone 12, making it more stable, easy to hold, and easy to change lens sets. It includes four lenses and features a focus ring and other accessories that allow consumers to capture the surrounding image more accurately.



Lightweight Prompt

When you’re at work or in a meeting, you don’t want to miss a message, but many of you don’t necessarily want to wear a Bluetooth headset or a smartwatch or a wristband. Instead, you can opt for the lightweight iQiki, a simple, unsophisticated, and quiet notification indicator that only prompts your iPhone to receive calls, messages, and emails via a tiny LED light.You can clip it on the sleeve of your jacket or shirt during the meeting, and put it on the desk during the day, so that you can be more focused on your work and without being too distracted.



MagSafe Auto stand

The return of MagSafe to the iPhone 12 has inspired a lot of accessory ideas. The MagSafe Auto Stand Pro from Belkin allows you to check your iPhone while driving. It’s stable both horizontally and vertically, and most importantly, the magnets make it easier to assemble and disassemble without the need for a normal stand.



Neodymium magnet charging cable

Now everyone carries a variety of mobile devices, and charging line with multi heads has become a must-have, Vulcan’s different characteristic from other products is that the charging head is  connected to the cable by a pair of powerful N52 neodymium magnets with perfect alignment, charging is very strong and fast, accidentally pulling will not let the iPhone 12 or other equipment be dragged to the ground.It can be used in both directions with a 20W charge.



Photographic auxiliary suit

Moment has designed many devices for iPhone 12 series like: shell, tripod, and MagSafe compatible device, in addition to providing a better and more solid feel fall protection, with the help of a MagSafe magnetic advantages, more accessories and fixed bracket is more convenient to install, unlike the past need complex clamp and screw, you can undertake wall-mounted installation, even for very creative shooting angle.



Easy arranged charge cable

Cluttered wires are the main cause of many people’s obsessive-compulsive disorder. The SuperCalla charging line cleverly solves this problem with some magnets. Magnets are neatly distributed on the cable, and the alignment of magnets can be easily wound into a circle or zigzag shape.