So Horrible! Samsung mobile phone exploded in the bag and set a fireball

According to media reports, on April 15 in Zhengzhou, Henan, a young man, Mr. Chen, was walking on the street with his girlfriend, but his bag suddenly caught fire.

It was verified that the fire phone was a Samsung G5700 phone.

At that time, the surveillance probe just took pictures of the fire.

Some media said that after the explosion, a flame more than half a meter high appeared from the mobile phone.

Although he reacted very quickly and quickly threw the bag to the ground, Mr. Chen was still burned by the flame, his hair and eyelashes were scorched, and his arm was also burned.

According to the person and his girlfriend, Mr. Chen’s mask was also burned through.

Although the cause of the fire is still under investigation, Mr. Chen said that the battery had not been replaced and the phone was not charging at the time of the incident.



It is reported that the G5700 is the Samsung Galaxy On 5, which is a 2016 model. The machine uses a non-removable battery.

As for why such an old cell phone is still being used, Mr. Chen said it was just a spare cell phone.

After the incident, Samsung responded that if a user reports the situation, someone will contact the user to deal with it. Other content is temporarily inconvenient to disclose.

In the comments of netizens, some Samsung users ridiculed themselves saying that they are trembling.