Sony 360 Reality Audio will be added in Android by Google in the near future

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio / 360-degree live sound effects released in 2019 have been developed to date with support from large-scale music platforms such as Tidal and Amazon Prime Music.

Recently, there are also its own speaker products, and the next development seems to be integrated into the Android system.

According to the findings of XDA Developers, Google is starting to integrate the support of the MPEG-H 3D Audio format dedicated to 360 Reality Audio into the MPEG4 Extractor in the Android system.

What’s even better is that Sony software engineers also directly mentioned in the response column of the code review, saying that this is a feature correction proposed by Google and Sony after the meeting.

In other words, adding support for 360 Reality Audio at the system level is also good for Sony, because it allows more users to taste the unique audio format that seems to be in the center of the performance stage.

But at present, most of the headphones and speakers that can play 360 Reality Audio are owned by Sony, and the music library is only a few thousand, which still belong to the niche market.

If there are more opportunities to play 360 Reality Audio, it will also attract more manufacturers to produce related products, and at the same time, it will allow music studios to support such new formats more and promote the development of related ecology.