Tell you how to clean the memory storage of iPhone~

Step 1: Download Aisi Assistant on the computer! !

Step 2: Connect the phone to the computer with a data cable! !

Step 3: The phone appears to trust the computer, and the computer opens the Aisi assistant! !

Click Backup, click in and select Full Backup. (Basically, you can back up all app data) Then just wait. This process depends on the amount of memory. Mine was backed up for more than an hour. During this process, the phone can be played. I watched a drama, so it was very fast! !

The backup is complete! ! The data line can be removed. Then restore the phone to the original factory settings, and erase all content and settings at the settings! ! [Don’t forget to remember the id account and password of icloud]~~After cleaning up, it will be a brand new mobile phone. Log in to your id according to the situation~

Connect the computer and mobile phone with the data cable again. Trust the device, then click restore on the computer, and then wait for the restoration to go back. All chat history, photo albums and apps will be restored, and the account password is there! !