The new folding screen iPhone rendering is coming

Huawei and Samsung have launched a number of folding screen mobile phones, and as one of the mobile phone giants, Apple is naturally not far behind. Now, some foreign media have synthesized the latest news and Apple patents and produced a rendering of the folding screen iPhone.

According to the LetsGoDigital report, based on current information, Apple is likely to launch its first folding screen iPhone in 2022, and it will adopt a shape design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

At present, the shape of the folding screen iPhone has been basically confirmed. It will adopt a clamshell design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola razr, and a brand-new rendering has been produced.

For the first folding screen iPhone, it is temporarily called “iPhone Flip”. It can be seen from the rendering that the iPhone Flip looks very similar to the current iPhone 12 when it is opened. The front side still retains the bangs, but it is narrower.

The back camera uses a three-camera design similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the right side of the camera is a secondary screen, which is used to display some notification information when folded.

It is worth mentioning that there does not seem to be a charging port in the rendering. There are also rumors that Apple will cancel the charging port in the next-generation iPhone. If this is the case, the iPhone Flip charging port will no longer exist.

Of course, the rendering does not represent the final form of the first folding screen iPhone. And what the final folding screen iPhone will look like, let us wait and see.