That’s great! Redmi K40 gaming version with Aerospace-grade cooling is exposed!

Redmi officials have previously announced that it will formally hold an online new product launch conference on April 27, officially launching the first gaming phone-Redmi K40 game enhanced version.

As the brand’s first gaming phone, the Redmi K40 game enhanced version is equipped with the best shoulder button solution at the beginning, equipped with the industry’s first miniaturized shoulder button.

It brings an excellent operating experience, but the mechanical hidden buttons also make many people worry about its service life.

In this regard, the official Redmi mobile phone released a measured video and announced that the lifting button of the Redmi K40 game enhanced version has passed the measured life span of 1.5 million times.

It is worth mentioning that this video also accidentally leaked the real machine of the Redmi K40 game enhanced version, showing part of the machine’s design.

As can be seen from the video, the Redmi K40 game enhanced version basically continues the overall appearance of the K40 standard version.

However, many game elements have been added on its basis. In addition to the game shoulder button, the middle frame of the fuselage has also been changed to a flat design, which is conducive to the stacking of the shoulder button structure and the game operation experience.

In addition, the back camera module of the Redmi K40 game enhanced version has also been redesigned, and is equipped with a lightning logo symbolizing extreme performance on the side.

The overall color scheme also uses a cool silver color scheme with a more e-sports style, which is full of e-sports style.

It is worth mentioning that the technology used in the shoulder keys of the Redmi K40 game enhanced version is similar to the sliding cover scheme of the Xiaomi MIX 3, and both are implemented with high-performance iron-boron magnets.

There are a total of 13 magnet groups at the shoulder key and the connecting rod, using the principle of repulsion of the same poles and attraction of different poles, and the shoulder key switch can be flipped out.


Redmi said that for the first time it uses a new material from the space shuttle, which is hexagonal boron nitride, also known as white graphene.

It is understood that hexagonal boron nitride is a low dielectric high thermal conductivity material.

Because its structure is very similar to graphite and has a hexagonal layered structure, it is commonly known as white graphene.

The material also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. In the aerospace field, it is also used in the nozzles of airplanes and rocket engines.

The K40 game enhanced version has a total of 8 antenna strips on the metal frame, and the bottom 5G antenna on the left side is close to the charging port, which is a restricted area for mobile phone heat dissipation.

The K40 game enhanced version is equipped with a 67W high-power fast charge. This position must ensure heat dissipation and good antenna performance.

The traditional graphite material is easy to conduct electricity and cannot be used for heat dissipation in the antenna area. Therefore, for the first time, white graphene is laid out in the antenna restricted area.

The K40 Game Enhanced Edition combines white graphene and graphite into a heat dissipation film through a unique technology for the first time to solve the problem of more antennas and limited heat dissipation materials in 5G mobile phones.

Therefore, white graphene is also known as a new type of 5G heat dissipation material.