The black technology game data cable you haven’t used before

Are you worried about playing games without any battery left? Are you worried that the charging line current cannot keep up? Are you worried that playing games while charging will get in the way?


As long as you have a Meizu Type-C game dedicated cable, none of these is a problem! Today I want to talk to you about this black technology game data cable.


The Type-C interface, elbow design, 5A supercurrent, and wear-resistant woven materials constitute this black technology game data cable. It is because of these ingenious and considerate designs that they have solved the worries of many gamers and satisfied the needs of the public.


In terms of design, this game-specific data cable adopts an L-shaped plug design, which can reduce operation obstacles and make playing games and charging more convenient. At the same time, the Type-C interface is free of positive and negative, which reduces the time for checking the positive and negative of the socket, and has both convenience and efficiency.


In terms of current, it is not lost to anyone. It uses a 5A supercurrent, which is stable and efficient. The 5A power input can meet the fast charging requirements of all mobile phones on the market, making the battery return faster and the game more fun. At the same time, it allows gamers to see that the battery is rising steadily during the game.


In addition, it is woven with high-strength polypropylene yarn, which is skin-friendly, wear-resistant, durable, and has excellent stretch resistance and insulation. It is equipped with a fish-scale SR design plug and thick tinned copper core and aluminum foil shielding layer design to strengthen bending resistance fold. In terms of color, it is matched with the color of Chinese red, which is more fashionable and individual. According to official data, tens of thousands of times of unplugging and 5,000 times of bending will not break, giving gamers the most lasting experience!