The desktop version of Microsoft Word will soon fully support Dark Mode! The dark theme is also used in the document area!


At present, various applications have launched Dark Mode (Dark Mode). Turning on dark mode can help reduce eye fatigue in low-light environments, allowing users to have a better experience.

According to foreign media reports, the desktop version of Microsoft Office Word will soon fully support Dark Mode! Microsoft is currently working hard to provide comprehensive dark theme support for the Word desktop.


This means that once the feature is open to the public, users will be able to apply the dark theme throughout the application. The option to turn on the dark theme actually already exists in Office, but now turning it on will apply the dark theme to certain parts of the Office application.

For example, when applied to the functional area and some other areas in Word, it makes the interface weirder, but after this improvement, users will be able to use Dark Mode in the document area, status bar, and almost all places…

▼Dark mode currently supported by Microsoft Word


▼The comprehensive dark mode that will be supported by Microsoft Word


The feature seems to be still in the development stage, which means that users may have to wait for a while before Microsoft provides the feature to the public.