The liquid lens is coming! The new generation of Xiaomi is amazing

At the new product launch conference on March 29, Xiaomi will also bring a new generation of MIX. This is also the strong return of the Mi MIX series after two years of MIX 3.

In the family sequence of Xiaomi mobile phones, MIX comes with its aura of innovation when it is born, regardless of cost, the purpose is to land Xiaomi’s top technology exploration. We can’t help asking, what surprises will the new generation MIX bring?

At the moment, the most representative of a mobile phone manufacturer’s innovation is new mobile phone forms such as folding screens. In 2016, the first generation of Mi MIX ushered in the era of full-screen mobile phones. Not surprisingly, the new generation of Mi MIX will define a new mobile phone screen form at one time.

Is it a folding screen or a brand new under-screen lens? Just as Mi fans speculated, Xiaomi mobile phone officially gave the first surprise-liquid lens, the world premiere of the new generation of Mi MIX!

According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, this is a magical innovation, just like a “human eye lens” is installed in the lens of a mobile phone. The flowable liquid is wrapped by a film, replacing the traditional optical lens, and realizing the change of focal length and focus.

“In this way, a lens can be close to microscopy, far can be telephoto. MIX, is using innovation to see the future.”

At present, the technical details of the liquid lens are still poorly understood, and no manufacturer has ever used it before Xiaomi. How amazing is it? Everyone witnessed it at the press conference on March 29.