The FIVE multifunctional disinfection box sterilizes small objects anytime, anywhere

Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a compact and portable UV sterilizer-the FIVE multifunctional sterilizer mini version. The most important thing is that it is cheap and can be carried with you. This product is mainly sterilized by ultraviolet rays for items such as pacifiers, dentures, masks, Bluetooth headsets, necklaces, and other small objects.


The main reason I bought this product is that it can be used to sterilize small objects such as masks and Bluetooth headsets. As long as I take it out of my bag, I can quickly sterilize things anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient.


In terms of packaging, the overall design of the product is simple. The product host adopts an all-match white, round shape, and the touch and workmanship are quite good. It does not need to press the lid to sterilize, it will automatically start sterilizing once the lid is closed, and it will stop automatically after 5 minutes of sterilization.


The interior adopts a high-reflective design and is also equipped with an ultraviolet disinfection lamp so that it can kill in all directions in the closed box area. It is reported that the mini version of the FIVE multifunctional sterilization box can give the baby’s pacifier full coverage of UV sterilization effect, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99%.


The mini version of the FIVE multifunctional disinfection box supports IP67 waterproof and dustproof and can be fully immersed for 30 minutes at a water depth of 1m.



There is a charging interface on the back of the box. The product not only adopts a very convenient magnetic charging design but also supports easy charging with a power bank. It is very convenient to travel without any burden.



The mini version of the FIVE multifunctional disinfection box can meet the needs of home and outdoor travel in multiple scenarios. I personally recommend buying two, one for fixed use at home and the other for portable use to disinfect small objects such as masks and Bluetooth headsets. Friends who like them may wish to consider it.