The most complete “Mango Melaleuca” tutorial, children and adults love to eat it‼ ️

🌟Desserts are relatively simple and easy to make. Personally, I prefer to bake. I often watch videos to learn and make biscuits for my family.


🌟1, 2 eggs

🌟2, low powder 95g

🌟3, sugar 30g

🌟4, salt 1g

🌟5, milk 220ml

🌟6, 20g butter


🌟1, light cream 300ml

🌟2, sugar 40g

🌟3, mango 600g


1️⃣ Beat eggs, add sugar and salt and mix well

2️⃣ Sift in low-gluten flour

3️⃣Add milk and mix well

4️⃣The butter is melted in the microwave and added to the batter

5️⃣ Sift the batter twice to get a delicate batter, put it in the refrigerator for one hour

6️⃣ Heat on a low fire, do not pour oil in the pan, spread out a thin and round crust

7️⃣ Spread the batter one by one and put it on the cutting board to dry

8️⃣Whipped cream with sugar, beat until there are lines on the surface

9️⃣ Take a pie crust, first spread a layer of cream and sprinkle with mango

🔟Spread another layer of cream and cover with a layer of crust, repeat this until the crust is used up

🌸The cake is finished like this! The steps are very detailed ~ finally you can put some fruits for decoration