Tonight’s Apple conference iPhone 13 green version exposure: which kind of greens do you like?

Tonight, Apple will hold an online spring conference at its headquarters. According to recent rumors, it will release a variety of new products this time, including the long-awaited iPhone SE3, iPad Air5 and so on.


It is worth noting that last year, Apple updated the purple color matching version for the iPhone 12 at the March conference, which is very popular. It is reported that a new color matching is expected to be launched this year. Previously, many parties believed that the new color matching would be purple.

Recently, there have been rumors in the industry that Apple will push the green version of the iPhone 13, and exposed the concept rendering, which shows that there are currently two different green solutions, let’s enjoy it together.


One of them is a color similar to the iPhone 11 Pro dark night green, but it will be slightly brighter, and there are some effects similar to metallic paint that are hidden secretly. The real phone should have a unique texture.

The other is similar to the previously exposed iPhone SE3 green. The overall vision is somewhat bluish, and the tone is darker. It may be more appropriate to use cyan to describe it.


Overall, these two color schemes are solutions that the iPhone has never launched before, and it is hoped that some new users will be encouraged to start and further promote sales.

Which green color of the iPhone 13 do you prefer?