TOWNEW Smart Trash Bin-Open Your Delicate Life

Smart phone, smart TV, smart watch…Even toilets are becoming smarter, but can you imagine how can a trash bin become ‘smart’ ?Today, You are going to experience a smart trash bin. Let’s see what it looks like.


The trash bin’s full name is called the “TOWNEW intelligent tashbin T1X”, at present, the TOWNEW has launched the T series, T Air series , C series intelligent tashbin, The T1X is the updated vision of T1S.


Compared with the traditional garbage can, TOWNEW Intelligent trash bin T1X is more of an electronic product. Its overall shape is a cube and its external design is very simple. It is similar to an air purifier, 242mm in length, 307mm in width and 403mm in height, with a net weight of 2.56kg.The T1X has a power switch and charging interface on the back, 4 anti-skid pads on the bottom, and a counterweight bracket on the tail, which increases the stability of the barrel.


Originally, I thought the structure of smart trash can would be very complex. However, after careful study, I found that the structure of T1X is relatively simple. Meanwhile, I must admire the designer.The top of T1X smart trash can is a small lid that can automatically open. The small lid covers the big lid of the trash can, and there is a black edge on the outside of the big lid. It is the infrared sensor of  Smart trash can T1X.


The T1X is an intelligent infrared photoelectricity sensor, which has the advantage of accurately capturing human movements.As long as the human body moves within a range of 35cm above the garbage can, no matter using hands or knees to sense, The T1X intelligent garbage can can accurately sense and automatically open the small lid quickly.


There are two main types of traditional dustbins, one is lidless, the other is with lid.The advantage of the lidless type is that it is convenient to throw away garbage, but if you put smelly garbage in the garbage can, the smell will go out very quickly, resulting in a room full of stench.Although the lid type trash can can prevent the odor, but the enclosed space will aggravate the odor, the odor will be more pungent when the lid is opened.The T1X is designed with a suspended lid, which is between the open bin and the covered bin, allowing the peculiar smell to come out slowly.



There is a magnetic gland inside the T1X lid. The magnetic gland is uncovered and the garbage box is placed inside.Unlike a traditional trash bin, the T1X doesn’t need to manually change the bag every time. Instead, it has a garbage bag built into the bin.Its garbage bag adopts PE polyethylene garbage bag with high toughness, high bearing capacity and enhanced thickness, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary garbage bag. Moreover, it has 15L super large garbage capacity, and one garbage box can pack 25-30 garbage bags.


There is a touch button in front of the T1X large cover. Its function is under the default induction mode, gently touch to switch the small cover to the normally open mode;(2) In normally open mode, touch switch back to induction mode;(3) Long press the touch button, can start the automatic bag or automatic packaging generation function.


First of all, let’s introduce the automatic bag-laying function. The garbage bag of the garbage box is tightened when used for the first time. When the automatic bag-laying function is activated, T1X can automatically fill the garbage bag with the garbage can.While we were using the traditional garbage can, we need to first pull the garbage bag from a roll of garbage bags, and then reach into the garbage bag to help fill the garbage can. 



As for the automatic packaging function of T1X, it uses the patented TECHNOLOGY of ASAR dual lever drive to pack and change bags. When the garbage can is almost full, you can press the touch button on the big cover to start the automatic spreading function, and the garbage can will automatically seal the garbage bag.In addition, it has a more advanced function of “adaptive overload packing”, when the garbage beyond the mouth of the bucket, the T1X’s built-in sensor automatically recognizes the height of the garbage and extends the length of the bag to pack.




Compared with the traditional trash can, T1X has obvious advantages, such as automatic paving, automatic packing (bag changing), and touch control operation.Moreover T1X built-in 11.1 V 2000 mah lithium battery and replaceable junk boxes, charge one time to use fot a month, and support the overcharge, over current, over multiple protection, such as exhaust system also through the design of the noise reduction, the purpose is to make consumers use more comfortable.T1X is a good choice.