TROUVER High Speed Hair Dryer Makes Your Hair Much Smoother

Hair dryer is a home living appliance that is indispensable to everybody, as the development of science and technology, hair blower also became more and more intelligent, the hair blower with the additional function, whether this kind of hair blower is really effective or not can only be proved by using it.Of course, the leader in the hair dryer is Dyson all the time, but its high price makes us hesitate to buy. Fortunately, in the past two years, other brands also began to rise, emerging a number of new products comparable to Dyson.

I would like to recommend TROUVER, which is an emerging technology brand, their products are closer to the young people, naturally the price is more in line with the values of young people, so also is the major reason for this time I choose the hair dryer.


The shape of the hair dryer is very delicate. There is a brand name printed on the body. The color of the body is quite dreamlike and designed in dark blue, giving the whole body a bluish-purple feeling.



The overall weight of the hair dryer is 580g, which is very light in weight. In addition, the center design of the whole hair dryer is relatively uniform, so it doesn’t feel top-heavy in the hand. The whole machine feels good in the hand and feels very comfortable in the hand.


The dryer is equipped with Rotor EVO II high-speed brushless motor, 13 high strength 6 series aluminum alloy impeller of aerospace class, with the highest rotating speed up to 110,000 RPM, which can deliver strong airflow for a long time.


The hot air from the dryer to the hair will be more or less thermal damage situation, in order to better maintain a healthy hair, this blower adopts automatic alternate hot and cold wind blow out, by reducing the heat accumulation is to avoid the occurrence of thermal damage, even if close to the scalp, you will not feel too hot, even if using rapid dry hair mode at summer time, you will not have to worry about sweating problems.


The air inlet of the hair dryer is designed with a mesh air inlet instead of the bar opening design like the traditional hair dryer, which further ensures the safety of girls with long hair and prevents their hair from being trapped by the air inlet and causing damage to the hair.


The hair dryer provides two gear wind speed and four gear temperature buttons, the wind temperature button presents by different colors of the display lights, you can know the current wind temperature through the color, a variety of modes provide more choices.

The blower went through four latitude noise reduction tuning and optimization, effectively reducing the annoying sharp noise, noise decibel control at about 78dB.When drying hair, the voice is not harsh, so that you can enjoy a comfortable styling experience.

The hair dryer distributes two different air nozzles, which adopt the air nozzles with the design of guide flow, making its outer diameter gradually increase along the wind direction, significantly reducing the friction between it and the air outlet, greatly reducing the air outlet resistance, so as to achieve the effect of fast air drying, while the other one is the fluffy air nozzle, mainly used for the modeling of curling hair.

Overall blower is pretty impressive, not only has the technology like high-level hair dryer, but the price is only 1/6 of the high-level hair dryer, and also the effect is not worse than high-level hair dryer,  and in the design and the actual rate of drying hair is very good, also accord with young people the choice of style.With this hair dryer, you don’t have to worry about all kinds of problems when blowing your hair, and you don’t have to worry about using the dryer will disturb other people’s rest.