Wanna buy the AirTag, can it be used to track your darling?

1、Can the consignment be put inside?
The feedback I got from the customer service was suggesting to consult the airport, and I also asked the merchants selling button batteries. Some said that a separate button battery is not possible. If it is installed in an electronic product, it is OK, and some directly said that the battery is a contraband. No, so when you want to start with AiTag and use it exclusively, it is recommended to consult in advance to avoid being confiscated


2、Which phones can be used? Can Android be used?
And there is no relevant compatibility information from the previous official. Now AirTag needs to be used with iPhone and needs to be updated to the latest system of 145. Its precise search function is applicable a few days ago. iPhone11,iPhone 11Pro,iPhone11Pro Max iPhone12,Phone12mini,iPhone12Pro,iPhone12ProMax.


3、How to use?
First set the AirTag label through “Find” cpp. For example: your AirTag name is “Wallet” and you can’t find it. At this time, you can choose to open the “Find cpp and find money solution” label, or you can hey Si.i, what about my wallet”. Then the built-in speaker of AirTag will make a sound, just follow the sound to find it.


4、Can AirTug be used on humans or animals?
Either or not, because AirTag uses ultra-wideband technology and uses “search app network (global iPhon., iPad. Mac devices will send the location of your AirTag to iCloud) to transmit location information. It needs to be fixed in one People and animals move in places, so the obtained positioning information is inaccurate. For example, the object was positioned at the company at the previous moment, and the positioning information was updated in the nightclub at the next moment, and then refreshed to appear in other places, so you get The information is not updated in real time. If there is no Phone.iPad Mac near the next place, the information will stay at the point where the information was last updated and will not be refreshed.

5、Can AirTag track people?
When someone else’s AirTag is mixed into your personal belongings, your iPhone will find it is always by your side and send you a reminder. If you don’t find the AirTag after a while, it will start playing a sound, letting you know where it is. Of course, if you happen to be carrying an AirTag or a lot of people nearby have AirTags, don’t worry because you only need AirTag. Without leaving the owner’s side, such a reminder will not be triggered.


6、AirTag can it be charged?
AirTag cannot be recharged. It uses a disposable lithium battery (model CR2032). The official said that it can be used for more than a year, and it will be replaced when it is used up. When the battery is almost dead, the iPhone will prompt you.


7、AirTag is it waterproof?
AirTag is splash-proof, water-resistant, and dust-proof. According to the official data of the palace, its effect reaches IP67 level under the IEC60529 standard (the longest staying time in the deepest 1 meter underwater is up to 30 minutes). Of course, the non-permanent and effective protection performance of splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof function may be reduced due to frequent wear and tear.


8、Does AirTag have any privacy issues?
According to the official statement: Where is your AirTag, only you can see it. Your location data and history will never be stored in AirTag. The device that transmits your AirTag location data is always anonymous and the location data is encrypted at every step of the search. Therefore, even Apple does not know the location of your AirTag and the identity of the device that helped find it.