Wavy Rhythm and Constant Temperature Offer You a Comfortable Sleep

Today, Xiaomi has launched a new Blupeace intelligent mattress, which includes integrated functions of wavy pulsating temperature massage, waking up and waist and leg relaxation. At the same time, there is no need to replace the existing mattress, the Blupeace mattress can be directly placed on the original mattress at home.


The built-in airbag of Blupeace intelligent mattress simulates the movement of waves to push and pull the body, the slow rhythmic movement can guide the user’s attention to shift accordingly, relax the body and mind, and induce sleepiness.Egg-shaped structure sponge, with over 2,000 support points, can be used to massage the body by imitating the finger-belly, which is a good way to disperse the body pressure.


The mattress is equipped with NTC temperature sensor to keep constant temperature and ensure the bed in a comfortable range all night long.The temperature can be set through Mijia APP, and the temperature can be controlled in different areas, so as to ensure a safe and constant temperature and good sleep all night. The relaxation mode of mattess is to release lumbar pressure through airbag agitator.The beauty leg mode of mattess can make the rise and fall of crus reciprocating and massage the crus muscle. The leg pillow function can fix the height of the air bag at the leg, make the leg’s height higher than the heart position, which is conducive to blood flow and relaxes the leg muscle.


Blupeace Intelligent mattress can set the wake-up time in the Mijia App. The mattress will start the wake up program on time and the airbag action will change from weak to strong, allowing the brain and body to wake up slowly.