What is the ceiling of the iPad Air4?

The  Ipad Air4  has been upgraded in terms of Type C interface, secondary writing, keyboard support, processor performance and other aspects. For most non-professional users, it is fully capable of meeting the needs of daily life.It even makes the iPad Pro look like a bit of a loser.


So what’s the ceiling on the iPad Air4?


It’s the capacity of its hard drive.

The maximum capacity is 256G, which seems like a lot, but with the improvement of processor performance, various APPs are getting bigger and bigger, and the capacity of image files is also getting bigger and bigger.

256G is only on the level of primary users, but as the advertisement “your next generation computer, why is it a computer” said, in addition to cover instant noodles and iQIYI, daily office, efficiency functions are used more frequently.You’ll quickly hit a capacity ceiling, and while expanding with various network drives, including iCloud, is an option, it can be a productivity hazard when Internet access is not convenient.

Therefore, for the iPad Air4 with a 256GB top model, there are two aspects that are worth improving in the next update, and are also worth waiting for. That is, 512GB top model capacity and 5G network support. If you can upgrade these on the next iPad Air, even if the price is slightly higher, there will be a higher cost performance.



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