What made me choose Teufel over HomePod

Actually, before I got the Teufel Rockster Go wireless Bluetooth stereo, I considered HomePod mini, but because I don’t use the iPhone, the experience will not be so good. After all, the Bluetooth stereo is more convenient to use, and Teufel is a professional sound system of the German brand, so the sound quality must be better than Apple HomePod.


The appearance of the TEUFEL Rockster GO stereo is a classic modeling design, you can feel the thick German design style, the black body plus the ornament of red lines, so that it is calm appearance and highlight the vitality.


The size of the Teufel Rockster Go stereo can be said to be just right. It won’t limit the sound because of its small size, nor will it affect carrying because of its large size. Moreover, the Teufel Rockster Go comes with a flexible wristband that I like very much.


We will know that this is a main outdoor use speaker from the appearance because the speaker is adopted around the silica gel package, which can have a very good impact protection effect. The disadvantage is that is infected with dirt easily, but fortunately, the sound level supports IPX7 waterproof, which can be directed to wash with water, and daily to go out in the rain also sound will not cause any damage.


All the buttons on the Teufel Rockster Go are physical, while the power and Bluetooth buttons are placed on the back of the device. The layout of the keys allows us to operate the device blindly, making it easier to use.


In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker also supports micro-USB and AUX audio input, while the two Teufel Rockster Go can be used in combination, not only to allow a wider range of music coverage but also to bring a more powerful auditory experience.


In terms of sound quality, in addition to the 60mm Radiator low-frequency sound unit, the grid also hides two 45mm all frequency horns. The Rockster Go also adopted Teufel patent Dynamore dynamic reinforcement technology, which let two loudspeakers and a Radiator bass drive unit provide real rich stereo, at the same time it also brought the high-quality low-frequency range and the broad sound field.



In terms of battery life, I think the Teufel Rockster Go does a pretty good job, with a built-in 4,400mAh battery that can play for about 12 hours, which is perfectly adequate for use outside of the home, and there is a quarter-threaded port at the bottom of the stereo that can be attached to a tripod for use.