Xiaomi launches 200W wired fast charging! Mass production models will increase battery capacity

Previously on the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, Xiaomi took the lead in commercializing the 120W ultra-fast flash charging technology, and now this technology has set a new record.

On May 31, Xiaomi announced the world’s first 200W wired fast charging and 120W wireless fast charging, breaking two mobile phone charging records, with 200W wired charging in 8 minutes and 120W wireless charging in 15 minutes.

According to official information, Xiaomi’s 200W wired fast charging demo machine is a modified version of Xiaomi 11 Pro, with a battery capacity of 4000mAh.

It greatly reduces the internal resistance of the battery by connecting two batteries in series, improves the charging speed, and reduces the charging temperature rise.

Xiaomi’s 200W wired fast charging mass production model will increase the battery capacity, which is worth looking forward to.


According to the official introduction, the engineer team changed the wired charging architecture of the Xiaomi 11 Pro to three charge pumps with a conversion efficiency of up to 98.6% for parallel charging.

While greatly increasing the charging speed, the heat generation is close to that of ordinary charging.

At the same time, it also supports 34-fold safe charging protection measures, so that the Mi 11 Pro Magic Revised version can be charged quickly and stably.