Xiaomi’s first waterfall screen concept phone, with the design that no holes on the phone

Xiaomi has officially announced its first concept phone with a waterfall screen, claiming to bring the future of “just one screen” a little closer.

It is understood that Xiaomi’s first waterfall screen concept mobile phone is featured with “four curved 88° hypercurved surface” and “holes-free design” .

Among them, all around 88° ultra curved screen design, so that the picture like water flow around, like a crystal drop on the table.

The frame around is almost completely replaced by the screen, the body has no opening, no keys, and truly realizes the future design of phone without holes.


Xiaomi said that 88° deep curved glass has broken the technological limit of glass production.The difficulty of hot-bending molding and polishing is exponentially higher than that of ordinary 3D glass.

In order to achieve the ideal process, xiaomi through self-grinding glass processing equipment, hot bending molding under 800° high temperature and high pressure, using four different polishing equipment, up to more than ten times of complex polishing process, to grind out a piece of 88° deep curved hypercurved glass, and behind such a piece of glass is thousands of attempts.

At the same time, the Mi Waterfall Screen concept mobile phone, the frame is almost all replaced by the screen, through 46 independent research and development of patented technology, so that the physical buttons and all the holes really disappear.

Through the ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramic to achieve external sound, the industry’s first flexible film screen sound technology to replace the handset, in addition to high-power wireless charging, press-sensing buttons, the third generation of screen lens and other innovative technologies.

Xiaomi said: “This is a test of our screen shape, but also a grope for the form of future phone.”