6 iPone12 phone case review: which is the most suitable choice for your heart

After getting your newly bought iPhone12, what do you think of first? I’m very simple, first, buy a suitable mobile phone case, after all, the scenes of broken mobile phones in those years are still vivid. How to choose a phone case? It is estimated that many people are also very entangled, not only to look good but also to feel good. This time, I bought 6 different iPhone12 series mobile phone cases at one time. Let’s see if there is anything you want?


Personally, there are not many requirements for mobile phone cases. First of all, it must be able to protect the phone, and secondly, the appearance must be decent, and it must not affect the operation of the phone and the daily carrying. I believe this is also a lot of people’s mobile phone Case requirements, the 6 mobile phones we started this time are Native Union solid wood grain mobile phone case, Native Union weaved mobile phone case, Twelve South retro flip mobile phone case, Pelican waffle shatter-resistant mobile phone case, Case-Mate Kodak co-branded mobile phone Shell and Lander lanyard phone case, I will compare the performance of these 6 phone cases from the aspects of drop resistance, feel and appearance, function and price.


1. Anti-fall performance
As one of the most important functions of mobile phone cases, drop resistance is a factor that many users emphatically consider when purchasing. Among these 6 mobile phone cases, except for the two mobile phone cases of Native Union that use a lower opening design, the rest are all used Fully-enclosed design, and in the choice of material, only the Pelican waffle anti-drop phone case uses a relatively soft material, which can play a certain buffering effect in certain fall situations, and the other 5 models use hard materials Among the mobile phone cases, the Case-Mate Kodak co-branded phone case and the Twelve South retro flip phone case are made of very hard materials, especially on 4 sides, and the Twelve South retro flip phone case is 360° wrapped in all directions and is The drop performance is slightly better. In summary, the anti-drop performance of the 6 mobile phone cases is as follows:


Native Union solid wood grain phone case: 4 points


Native Union Weaved Phone Case: 4 points


Twelve South retro flip phone case: 5 points


Pelican waffle anti-drop phone case: 4.5 points


Case-Mate Kodak joint phone case: 4.5 points


Lander lanyard phone case: 4 points

2. Feel and appearance
For many female users, the appearance of the mobile phone case is the most important of all the attributes of the mobile phone case. Among the 6 mobile phone cases, in terms of appearance, the two Native Union mobile phone cases are relatively small and fresh. The wood grain and weaving design still feel very good. One problem is that it is slightly stained with sweat.



The appearance of the Case-Mate Kodak joint phone case belongs to a more sentimental style. The nostalgic yellow can feel the Kodak style at a glance, and it feels very good and is not easy to stain.


The Pelican waffle anti-drop phone case is a wave-like design, a bit similar to frosted processing, not strong, and personally feels a bit thick.


The Twelve South retro clamshell phone case is a very retro clamshell design with personality. It is also the only fully-enclosed phone case.


The Lander lanyard phone case is a more literary design, and I think it feels the best among these, and the thickness is moderate without stains. Regarding the aspect of appearance, I will not rate it. After all, for the design aspect, everyone has their own different preferences.


3. Functionality
The functionality I mainly talk about is whether it affects the operation of the mobile phone after wearing it and the extended functions that they can achieve. First of all, there is almost no side-effect on the operation, especially for some daily gesture sliding needs. It can be done very well, and there will be no occlusion.



In addition, in terms of functional malleability, the Lander lanyard phone case and the Twelve South retro flip phone case are better. One can hang some dolls on the phone. Does it have the same taste as the first phone? The Twelve South retro flip phone case is able to put all of the cards we carry around in this phone case, which is convenient to carry and use, which is still very good.




4. Cost performance
From the previous performance, these 6 mobile phone cases have their own advantages. Of course, we must also consider their prices. Among these mobile phone cases, except for the Twelve South retro flip phone case, the price is more expensive than the others. Apart from a large section, the price difference is quite small, it depends on everyone’s favorite.