Durable AIGO 40000mAh charger that with super large capacity

Nowadays, mobile power supply tends to be lightweight and portable. After the appearance of two-way fast charging, this phenomenon is more obvious. However, many people still pursue large capacity, especially in long-distance travel, a super large capacity mobile power supply is still very necessary.Recently, Aigo has launched a 40000mAh charger, which supports a maximum output of 22.5W. The 3a1c1M interface is convenient for different cables of new and old devices.





There are 5 interfaces on the top, which are 3A1C1M interfaces that can be said to be very rich. The C port supports PD18W two-way quick charging. The maximum output power of 5V-3A is 15W when multiple ports are output at the same time.



The upper position on the right side is the power button. I believe you can see from the side that its thickness is quite amazing.The whole Aigo Patriot 40000mAh charger is 160*74*43mm in 3D and weighs 817g. It still has a lot of weight in hand. Compared with the energy storage power supply, it has some portability.


In terms of charging, the C port test takes about 11 hours and 40 minutes from the beginning of no charge to the full charge. For a 40000mAh charger, the result is not bad.


In terms of discharge, according to the standard of 5V-2.1A, the theoretical output capacity is 29600mAh, the measured rated capacity is 27649mAh, the rated conversion rate is 93%, the performance is very good.The actual release energy is 144Wh and the discharge efficiency is 97%.The performance of AIGO Patriot 40000mAh charger is very good in terms of discharge efficiency and energy conversion rate.