Great Cooking Helper-Morphyrichards Wireless Meat Grinder

I am a person who is particularly afraid of trouble. I don’t like the feeling of being restricted whether in life or in cooking.However, there were too many wired kitchen appliances in the kitchen, so I couldn’t “show my skill” every time I cooked. My friend recommended this Morphyrichards wireless meat grinder to me, but I didn’t take it to heart at first. Once I went to her house and saw her using it, at that time I decided to buy one for myself without hesitation.


Its appearance level is also what I like, fashionable waist line design matches delicate and small modelling. It is convenient for receiving and does not occupy a large space at all. The light luxury blue color looks very textured.


The most important thing is that it’s unplugged and untethered from wires, it’s a new light cooking experience!


After being charged, it can be used directly without plugging in a power cord.


Its endurance is also super! It can be fully charged by the 5V/2A adapter in 3.5 hours, and it can be stirred 20 times in full state, each time for 15s. Even if the battery is exhausted, it can be intermittently stirred for 6 times, around 10s each time , so that the cooking time is more sufficient.


It does a great job of stirring, and it gives you a better mix.This is because of its powerful “inner core”, which carries three 2000mAH batteries and achieves a high speed horsepower of 13500R per minute.


In addition to the S-shaped stainless steel cutter head that is durable and wear-resistant, the food can be chopped quickly no matter soft and hard, making the cooking experience more perfect!It can be used on meat and vegetables, sometimes I will use it to make sauces and the egg whites for baking.


The mixing bowl is made of food-grade glass, which can be pasteurized and prevent smell, making the ingredients safer and healthier.


The capacity of the mixing bowl is fully 1 liter, you just need to press the button at the top to start the machine, which is more convenient and fast.The mincer is also equipped with multiple alarms, safety performance upgrades, automatic suspension in case of overload and automatic suspension in case of high temperature, multiple automatic protection, which is safer to use!