Here are some super useful tips and functions for WhatsApp! It will definitely be used!

1. How to WhatsApp the other party without adding to the address book

In fact, it is not necessary to add the phone number of the other party to the address book in order to contact the other party through WhatsApp.

With just one trick, even people who are not in the address book can use Whatsapp to talk!

This technique can be said to be very practical for online businesses! It allows customers to contact you directly!


Use the following link


Change “601xxxxxxxx” to your mobile phone number~

If your mobile number is 0161234567

Then change it to: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60161234567

Others can use Whatsapp to contact you directly by clicking this link on their mobile phone~


2. Cancel the automatic download of videos and pictures

Under normal circumstances, when someone sends you a picture or video, the phone will automatically download and save it for you.

But if you don’t want to download it yourself, you will find that this feature wastes Data and takes up the phone’s capacity.

To cancel this function, you only need to click “Settings”> “Data Usage” in order to change the settings of “Auto Download”.

It should be noted that there is no way to cancel the download of the voice message.


3. Back up information to the cloud

The main reason why some people’s mobile phones have been used for a long time but are reluctant to replace them is the information in the Whatsapp.

But in fact, you can upload the call information to the cloud for backup by yourself.

Click “Settings”> “Call”> “Dialog Backup” in order.

At this time, you can back up the information to the cloud or another mobile phone.

Here, you can choose to back up information regularly.


4. Modify the font

If you want to make the font bold, add “*” before and after the input content; if you want to make the font italic, add “_” before and after the input content.

If you want to add strikethrough to the font, add “~” before and after the input content.

5. Emoji big love

Type a red heart emoji in the dialog box, and an enlarged and beating heart will appear.