I advise you not to buy the $429 iPhone SE! There are three reasons

Apple’s first new product launch conference in 2022 has been officially held. In addition to the MacBook and iPad Air 5 equipped with M2 chips, I think everyone is most concerned about the iPhone. The new iPhone SE is equipped with an A15 processor and starts at $429. I believe many of my friends are already excited.

The price-performance ratio of the iPhone SE3 is indeed high, but as a user who never uses a small-screen mobile phone, I used the iPhone 13 mini to help you experience the real feeling of a small-screen mobile phone for a week, and summarize the three flaws of the small-screen mobile phone for you. Can accept and then consider iPhone SE3.


Daily use: small display area

First of all, in terms of daily use, due to the display area problem of small-screen mobile phones, although the font size is the same as that of large-screen mobile phones, the display volume on the same page is much less than that of large-screen mobile phones. Taking the Palm Reading APP as an example, when opening the same novel, the small screen mobile phone has about three to four lines less than the large screen.


And due to the display area problem, even if the fonts are the same size, users of the original large-screen mobile phone will appear unsuitable when they look at the small-screen mobile phone for a long time. Eyes are sore after getting older.

The difference in watching videos is quite big. By comparison, although the video ratio of the small screen is the same, the large screen mobile phone is obviously more comfortable to watch. The small screen gives me the feeling of being very aggrieved.


Finally, daily typing is also a point that cannot be ignored. The small size of the screen leads to a smaller keyboard, 26-key players die in place, and can type half of a line wrong. After actual measurement, only Jiugongge is recommended for people with large hands using small-screen mobile phones.


However, small-screen mobile phones also have their own advantages. First of all, weight is the first advantage. Small-screen mobile phones do not feel any weight in your hand, and you will not feel tired when you hold them for a long time. In contrast, iPhone 13 Pro Max, put it in your pocket I can pull my pants off. In addition, the small size of the body can also bring a relatively comfortable grip.

Playing games: small fonts are easy to touch by mistake

For friends who like to play games, my evaluation of small screen phones is that they can’t play games at all.

I don’t want to elaborate on the screen size issue here. The most unbearable thing is the accidental touch problem. When in the game state, the two thumbs can almost occupy more than half of the screen. Not to mention blocking the field of view. People get angry.


Another major disadvantage of playing games on small-screen mobile phones is the font. In daily use, the font is indeed the same size, but it is different in the game interface. Taking the Genshin Impact menu bar as an example, the icon of the game is reduced due to the screen size. The probability of accidental touches by big people will be significantly increased.


Apple’s heat dissipation is actually nothing compared. The iPhone 13 Pro Max starts to heat up after 5 minutes of playing, and the smaller mini can only be said to be worse. In general, playing games on small-screen mobile phones is really painful, and heavy game users please detour.

Battery life: need to bind the power bank

Finally, let’s talk about battery life. In the internal structure of a mobile phone with an inch of land and a lot of money, the battery space ratio is basically about 50%. Small-sized mobile phones will inevitably sacrifice a considerable part of the battery capacity, which will seriously affect the battery life.

Taking the iPhone 13mini as an example, its battery capacity is only 2406mAh, which is half less than that of the 13 Pro Max.

After a three-hour battery life test, the total power consumption of the small-screen mobile phone is 43%. Although the A15 processor has a super low power consumption performance, and the iOS optimization is in place, even if the battery capacity is small, the battery life can still be used. One day is definitely not enough. If you use it heavily, you will see red in half a day.


In the case of my normal use for a day, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can still have about 30% of the battery left after get off work at night, while the small-screen mobile phone basically needs to be charged once around three or four in the afternoon, and I can’t count on Apple’s charging. Speed, choosing a small-screen mobile phone is equivalent to binding a power bank.

My advice

After reading the three pain points of small-screen mobile phones, I believe that you have already made a judgment on whether to buy iPhone SE3. Finally, I will talk about my two suggestions:

1: Friends who have never used a small-screen mobile phone before should proceed cautiously, as they will be quite unaccustomed to using it. Senior small-screen mobile phone users can start. Although the SE3 is not as good as the iPhone 13 mini in terms of design, it is the cheapest A15 mobile phone, and the price/performance ratio is still online.

2: For those who want to experience the iOS system, or the A15 processor but the budget for replacement is not high, I would recommend buying an iPad mini 6 for entertainment use, which is also more than 3,000 yuan. The experience of playing games and watching videos is better than that of SE3. Much better.

Through this iPhone SE3, we can see that Apple, which is at the top, is already trying to get involved in the field of mid-range cost-effective models. It seems that Apple is no longer satisfied with its dominant position in the high-end market. big.

I believe that the iPhone SE3 is just the beginning, and I look forward to the release of more sincere models from Apple in the future, and I also look forward to the response from the Android camp. For us ordinary users, the more the manufacturer rolls up, the happier we are, and it is a beautiful thing to spend less money on high-end mobile phones.