Is AirPods Max worth ¥4399.00(around $673)?

Apple’s first noise-canceling headphones, the AirPods Max, finally hit the market at the price of ¥4,399.00(around $673), nearly double the price of SONY’s and Bose’s mainstream headphones.It has to be said that Apple’s definition of product price is relatively confident.





In terms of appearance, it is basically the same as our common headphones, but there are many differences. First, we have seen that the headphones of SONY and Bose are all made of plastic, while Apple is made of aluminum, which is half heavier than the usual headphones.This design brings a very textured appearance, of course, the comfort of wearing for a long time is certainly a little bit worse.



AirPods Max’s head beam is with the rather unique dome web design, effectively disperse weight and also can relieve the oppression of the head at the same time , the ear cover shell is made of anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy material, the outer cushion is wih fabric, its internal is memory sponge, earmuffs topped with a digital knob, which can adjust volume, jump the track, answering the telephone and activate Siri.



The whole headset is equipped with 8 microphones to assist in active noise reduction and call noise reduction, in addition to a microphone for speaking. Apple H1 chips are installed inside the earmuffs, and each H1 chip is equipped with 10 audio cores. The calculated audio can block external noise in real time and adjust the audio according to the fit and tightness of the ear pads. The AirPods Max can last up to 20 hours with active noise reduction and space audio turned on. It also supports Lightning charging, with 5 minutes charging can support for 1.5 hours.


Of course, the most surprising thing is the price, which is a little expensive, after all, the mainstream headset with active noise reduction is at the level of half of the AirPods MAX’s price.Is the AirPods Max worth this price? It is a good choice for iPhone users who is on a budget.Of course, if I had to buy it, I would probably choose Bose or SONY,I can buy two of them with the same price as Air Pods MAX.