RealMe V15 will come with a understated and elegant silver version

The highlight of Realme V15 is that it takes inspiration from the Picture of The Ode of the River Goddessand and uses the “wen yu” that is the archetto of the modern koi as its design element.This is also the concept origin of “Chinese fashion Koi mobile phone”. It is said that Realme V15 will also come in a crescent silver version, which is more understated and elegant than the main koi color


Realme V15 will use a new 0.7μm image sensor. The phone is 8.1mm thick and only weights 176G. According to the news, the silver color scheme of Realme V15 won’t have the big Logo on its back, and the slogan “Dare TO Leap” will be removed. According to guess, this brand-new match color may basically aim at the crowd such as enterprise and business affairs to use. Realme V15 will be equipped with MediaTek 800U and supports 50W fast charge. The main camera will be 64, it will adopt AMOLED screen and fingerprint identification under the screen.


This time, Realme will take the Chinese traditional culture and spirit as the core and make the combination of eastern aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, trying to create a technology product that full of sense of surprise.