New Products! The new Magnum Cookies & Cream, every bite is full of luxury!


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In the days when we are at home in the epidemic, our daily sweet snacks have become our way to relieve our anxiety. Although the weather in Malaysia has always been weird recently, it is hot enough to wear a vest, and cold to a bed, but no matter what, Can’t resist the editor’s desire to eat ice cream! Today, the editor is here to tell you good news. Magnum has launched a new Magnum Cookies and Cream ice cream that everyone loves.


The new Magnum Cookies and Cream, rich Belgian white chocolate rind, and crispy and refreshing cookies, make cookie lovers double satisfaction! Take a bite, “click”, the creamy fragrant and soft taste, and the satisfaction of chewing cookies from time to time, every bite is a luxurious taste experience, which is endless aftertaste!


Magnum Cookies and Cream are now on sale in major supermarkets, markets, convenience stores and gas station stores. The recommended price is RM4.50 each! The most worth mentioning is that in this special period, you can also tap the screen with your fingertips and buy Magnum Cookies and Cream through FoodPanda and Grab Food with one click, allowing you to enjoy cool and luxurious ice cream without going out.


How can you miss Magnum Cookies and Cream for a pleasant luxury experience? Magnum Cookies and Cream give you luxury on the tip of your tongue, and the sweet rewards are as long as you want to taste!



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