Officially bid farewell to Android! Huawei will hold Harmony system launch conference

Affected by U.S. sanctions, Huawei cannot use Google services. Therefore, the Harmony operating system was released in 2019, which was initially only used on smart screens and wearable devices.

But seeing that the sanctions “unblocking” after the US changed its president is still far away, Huawei finally decided to replace Android with its own Harmony and launch the first mobile phone equipped with the Harmony system.

Huawei’s official Weibo also announced the boot screen of the new phone.

The outside world predicts that in the future Harmony OS will expand to more products under Huawei. In addition to mobile devices, even desktop computers or smart car systems and IoT ecosystems are possible.

Netizens are also discussing this matter enthusiastically. Most people want to know whether their old phones can be upgraded to Harmony and when, and some Honor users also want to update.