On October 19th! Google Pixel 6 debut conference is coming!

Although the appearance and the first official promotional video have been announced, Google’s flagship model Pixel 6 series this year has not announced the final release date.

Today, Google finally officially announced that the new flagship Pixel 6 series will be officially launched on October 19.

Google’s official original text is as follows: On October 19th, we will officially introduce to you Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro-a completely redesigned Google phone.

These two phones are supported by Google’s first customized mobile chip, Tensor, which is fast, smart and safe. And they can adapt to you.

It is reported that this time the Pixel 6 series is quite expected. Not only has it brought a brand new self-developed Tensor chip, the screen and rear camera configuration have also been further added.

The new standard center-mounted digging screen, and the ultra-narrow screen frame further provides an immersive full-screen effect.


Among them, the Pixel 6 Pro’s screen border control is very good, supplemented by the hyperboloid solution, the overall screen-to-body ratio is very high, Pixel 6 is slightly worse, and the border thickness is somewhat touching.

In addition, the main camera of the Pixel 6 series is no longer IMX 363, but upgraded to a 50MP Samsung GN1 main sensor.

The Pro version is even equipped with a 4X periscope telephoto lens, with the powerful algorithm of Google Camera, you can expect a huge improvement in camera compared to the previous one.

The Google Pixel 6 series is undoubtedly the most anticipated flagship mobile phone of the year. How the customized chip and the fully upgraded rear camera can be improved will only be announced on October 19.