Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: You may not see it until 2022!

Hey, Samsung fans, you may not want to count on buying a new Galaxy Tab S this year. According to a Korean rumor source has claimed the Galaxy Tab S8 might not be released until early 2022 — later than some might expect given early buzz for the Android tablet.

There is no mention of the reason that why Samsung aims for 2022 to upgrade its flagship Galaxy Tab line. However, the same tipster said the range would expand, including something in the “Ultra” lineup. Previous rumors have suggested a 14.6-inch Tab S8 might occupy that role, complete with perks like additional cameras and more memory.

All three 2022 Galaxy Tab S will supposedly include newer processors, support a new keyboard attachment and offer optional 5G.


The 2022 release for the new Galaxy Tab S8 would not be surprising. Few details have emerged of a new tablet range ahead of Samsung’s expected Unpacked event in August. And while the Galaxy Tab S7 line is no longer cutting edge, it’s still quick and capable. Samsung might not gain much by releasing an S8 in 2021 if the performance and feature set are only slight improvements.

Whether or not this is a smart move isn’t certain. Samsung could risk underwhelming sales if it ships a modest tablet update in 2021, and might have to contend with chip shortages and other supply problems as the world recovers from the pandemic. At the same time, though, Samsung risks missing out on a still-booming tablet market where enthusiasts and remote workers both crave new hardware.

And it is not like opponents are standing still — Apple is expected to match iPadOS 15 with more new tablets beyond the souped-up iPad Pro. A Galaxy Tab S8 launch in 2022 could be too late to sway buyers.