The IFORY Leapbuds Bluetooth Headset designed for girls

The Leapbuds Bluetooth headset has four colors, namely blue, black and white, pink, and yellow. Because my cousin likes Doraemon very much, I chose the dark blue and light blue models.


The packaging box of the earphone is also a contrast design of dark blue and light blue. The contrast design of this earphone is still very characteristic. The colors of the two earphones are different, which can better distinguish the left and right ears.


The storage box of the earphone is also oval, and particularly round, the material is skin-friendly.



There are two pairs of earplugs in the earphone accessories to match different auricle sizes. Because they are biased towards girls, the earplugs are not very big and relatively cute. There is also a blue fast charge data cable to charge the earphone compartment.



The opening method of the earphone compartment is a magnetic upper opening, and the color of the two earphones is the same as that of the box. The left ear is dark blue, and the right ear is light blue, placed face down. There is an indicator light in the middle of the earphone compartment, which shows the battery level.


Compared with most wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market, Leapbuds’ overall design is sleek and cute. The earbuds have circular indicator lights with a logo in the middle.


This headset gives the impression that it has a mint-like look and feel. The whole is very soft and light, and it is very small in the hand.


There is no burden to wear on the ears, and there is no problem with reading or simple fitness exercises. The body is IPX4 waterproof, so sweating during exercise and a little rain or snow is completely fine.


With battery life, it can guarantee 5 hours of uninterrupted playback. The battery compartment has a capacity of 450 mAh and can charge the headset 4 times.

In the process of using a wireless Bluetooth headset, because it needs to be worn and stored frequently, it is very important to determine whether the headset is connected to the mobile phone quickly and conveniently. There are many headsets on the market that are divided into main and subordinate earphones, that is, one earphone is connected to the mobile phone first, and then the other earphone is connected. The trouble with this setting is that the main earphone usually consumes a lot of power, and it is easy for one earphone to not sound. Nowadays, many headset manufacturers have adopted the master-slave switching technology. Two headsets are connected to the mobile phone together so that you can use either one alone, which greatly improves the convenience.


The headset will display red and white light. Because the headset is equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth, the link is very fast. You can connect the headset immediately after taking it out, and you can hardly feel the delay when watching videos or playing games. Because it is a round-design, it is easy to touch, it is very convenient to cut songs or answer or hang up the phone, just a light touch. The sound quality varies from person to person. For an entry-level Bluetooth headset, IFORY’s sound quality is quite full, there is no sense of noise in the treble part, and the bass has reached a relatively good sound quality. It is enough for daily use.


During the call, you can clearly feel that the sound is clearer, and the noise is not very obvious. The IFORY uses a high-definition microphone, and it is a two-channel stereo, so even if it is outdoors, the call can be undisturbed.


In general, Leapbuds earphones are a very distinctive earphone in the entry-level Bluetooth wireless earphones. The appearance is very recognizable. The design of the different colors of the left and right ears is not only beautiful but also can distinguish the left and right ears at a glance. The placement saves a lot of trouble. The design of part of the main and auxiliary ears is also very convenient when linking, and it is connected immediately after opening, so the new-beginner does not have to toss to reset. In addition, the battery life is also remarkable. I think this headset is more suitable for girls who pursue individuality.