Wanna buy a light laptop? Try Microsoft Surface pro 5 !

Exterior design
Since Microsoft reorganized the hardware design team, their hardware product appearance styles are very outstanding, at a glance it is full of design sense-whether it is Surface or the corresponding supporting peripherals, including Xbox products, All captured my heart instantly. The most important thing is that Microsoft has not sacrificed the user experience for the appearance of the product. The balance is just right. Although the ultra-wide frame has been unanimously complained, in actual use, attention will always be focused on the content area.


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The most eye-catching design of Surface should be the multi-angle bracket behind it. Infinite adjustment, stability and reliability is my affirmation of it. In tablet mode, you can adjust the rear bracket to tilt the screen to the most suitable angle, but in the mode with the keyboard connected, compared with ordinary laptops, because there is no fixed support for the screen hinge, the Surface needs more space to accommodate the stand, for example, in the high-speed rail seat, the small table in front of it is not enough.


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1. The Surface Pro series has precise positioning, which is aimed at office groups or students who work lightly, work long hours, and have mobility needs. If your daily work is based on Office and other content, and the performance requirements are not very high, then Surface Pro can provide a stable, fast, and convenient environment for use. Turning on the energy-saving mode can achieve about 8 hours of battery life.

2. In terms of accessories, my suggestion is to buy the official keyboard cover. If you want to save trouble, you can buy the black one, and you can choose the colored Alcantara keyboard if you pay attention to the appearance. A pen is not necessary, but if you often take notes, the Surface Pen is your best choice. Just choose your favorite Bluetooth mouse, don’t buy the one with the receiver, because the interface is not enough. For the protective film, you can buy high-definition tempered film, but it is not recommended to buy a matte film or anti-blue film, because this is too wasteful of this excellent screen, and writing on this film costs pens, and the nib wears very quickly. !

3. It is recommended that the software can be downloaded from the Win10 store as far as possible, because the software here generally has some optimizations.

4. Please be sure to consider the after-sales situation when purchasing.

5. If I were to choose the next laptop, I would choose the Surface Go, because the Surface Pro is heavier than it looks when it is put in the bag for daily commuting… Under the seemingly elegant appearance, the whole set of equipment is on my back It is a solid burden. For the same reason, after the initial freshness, I seldom use it as a tablet with my hands. I only put him on the bedside before going to bed and occasionally watch TV series. Well, I hope that the performance of Surface Go will be greatly improved when I change my computer.


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