OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones-the flagship benchmark jointly created by OPPO X Dynaudio

1. Open the box of OPPO Enco X true wireless noise-canceling headphones
The simple design of the outer packaging is the mainstream design sense of digital products. The front is also the product model name and simple headset photos.


On the back, the features, models, and detailed parameters of the product are densely marked in small fonts.


The bottom side is the SN number of the product.


The outer packaging is simple. The product packaging is not simple. There is also a box design inside. The white and black colors form a strong contrast.


A huge “X” English letter on the inner box, and a laser reflection effect, confirms the “X” element in Enco X.


The parameters and characteristics of the headset are also printed on the back of the inner box.


Open the upper cover of the inner box, there is a black “envelope” on the lower cover, the texture is very good, revealing a “sense of top-class”.


The “envelope” contains the instruction manual, quick guide, safety guide, and other pieces of paper.


Under the “paper envelope” are the OPPO Enco X earphones and in-ear silicone sleeves (S and L models, so you can see that the earphones are in size M).


Under the ear silicone case is a TYPE-C data cable, which is used to charge the OPPO Enco X earphone case.


When the OPPO Enco X earphones leave the factory, a layer of plastic paper is also wrapped on the earphone jacket, and there is a headset touch indicator on the plastic paper.


2. OPPO Enco X true wireless noise reduction headphones details

The OPPO Enco X headset has a sleek “goose egg” shape in terms of overall appearance, with a width greater than a height, which is relatively similar to the size of the Apple AirPods Pro. There is an indicator light hole in the center of the front.


There is a circle of metal on the side, the perfect combination of metal and plastic on both sides, and the word “OPPO” on the upper edge, which is slightly low-key and luxurious.


There is a TYPE-C charging port on the bottom edge of the side, and a physical button on the right side. The design is very delicate.


The design on the back is quite clever. The English logo of “DYNAUDIO” has a circle of metal borders. This circle of borders is the cover of the earphone shell and the switch assembly. The design is integrated and natural.


The TYPE-C charging interface has a metal trimming process on the edge of the interface, so there is a shining light under the light.


I opened the upper cover of the earphones and saw the earplugs of the earphones. The white plastic was polished very well, shining in the morning sun.


The earplugs use an in-ear silicone design, such a design, for a noise reduction headset, will have a better effect.


The metal contacts of the earbuds are at the bottom for charging.


The “touch bar” part of the earplugs not only has a quick touch function but also changes in color under light, which can show a colorful light.


Music appreciation and audio-visual experience
Headphones, no matter how beautiful the design, no matter how unique in appearance, are not as good as wearing them and listening to them, so the listening experience is the most important thing. The selected songs are a few more classic songs and a few new hits recently, Lu Xiansen’s “Spring Breeze Ten Miles”, the relaxed feeling of folk songs, the ease of use on the OPPO Enco X headphones, the gentle voice of the male voice. , Let me feel the warmth of the sound. Lin Yilian’s classic song “At least there is you” is very popular more than ten years ago. Lin Yilian’s special female voice is an eternal memory of our generation. It came from OPPO Enco X headphones as if it made me return. At that time, this headset listened to female voices. I felt that the voice was better than that of male voices because female high-pitched couples can better reflect on small earplugs. “Suite No. 1 Cello in G Major: Prelude” is a song that I often repeat when I am tired. This song has excellent bass performance on OPPO Enco X headphones, excellent bass extension, and flexibility.



Let’s talk about the experience of watching movies. Compared with the sound from the mobile phone, the use of OPPO Enco X earphones will definitely bring better sound enjoyment, especially in public transportation facilities. Now the external sound has also become a criticized problem. , The dual experience of earphones + strong noise reduction can immerse the listener in the fun of watching movies on mobile phones.


Game effects and delayed experience
The tested game is “Peace Elite”. This game should be a game with very high requirements for sound and positioning. First, the exciting “battle scene”. If the delay is high, it will not be in the first place. Listen to the sound of gunshots and footsteps for a while to gain a priori advantage. Second, the source of the gunshots and the precise positioning of the footsteps can better allow the player to perceive the enemy’s location. Using OPPO Enco X true wireless headset, in the game, the delay is very small, it has no effect on the experience of this game, and the positioning is very accurate. In particular, the experience of wireless headsets without wire constraints has indeed doubled, and the noise reduction function has completely immersed players in the gaming experience.


To sum up

1. The noise reduction function in the strong noise reduction mode is very powerful, and the active noise reduction effect is amazing, giving me a space of self in a noisy environment.

2. OPPO×Dynaudio jointly created, the sound quality is indeed powerful, and the high, middle, and bass performance is remarkable.

3. The latency is very low, even in fiercely competitive games (Peace Elite, League of Legends, etc.) are also easy to handle.

4. The battery life is good, single battery life can last more than 4 hours, and the headset case can have a battery life of 20+ hours. The earphone case is also very convenient to charge, and wired and wireless charging is flexible.


1. The outer box of the earphone is easy to stick dust.

2. Earplugs are not easy to take and take, the handle is a bit awkward, and it needs to be turned 180 degrees to put it on the ear.


——In general, OPPO Enco X true wireless noise-canceling headphones, this is a product that domestic brands can take, and can be benchmarked against international big-name products. The noise reduction is amazing, the sound quality is strong, the battery life is impressive, and the appearance is Features and prices are relatively good, and users who have higher requirements for noise reduction and sound quality are recommended to buy.