JOI® Book 155 Pro can easily meet daily office needs with only RM1699!

During the CMCO period, you must think carefully about spending money and consumption, but you have to pay attention to the daily needs that need to be purchased. Especially laptops used by office workers and student parties. Want a cheap, good-looking laptop with good performance, but don’t know how to choose? Today I will recommend a great value laptop priced at only RM1,699! Fashionable design, thin and portable, easily meet your daily office needs! Now let’s take a look at the 5 highlights of JOI® Book 155 Pro with Intel® processor priced at only RM1,699!


The stylishly designed thin and light laptop is easy to carry with you!

Buying a computer is not only good in function, but also appearance and value! The JOI® Book 155 Pro, which is simple and elegant without losing the advanced design, can meet this requirement of color control! Although this laptop is made of all metal, it only weighs 1.43kg, which is light and thin enough to be portable! It is not a problem to want to bring it with Work From Cafe!


Equipped with an Intel® processor, easily meet office needs, very suitable for ordinary office and learning use!

Whether it is a student party who needs an online class or an online presentation or an office worker who needs to hold an online conference call and perform other tasks, they will be afraid of the problem of a laptop jam! The Intel® processor in JOI® Book 155 Pro will provide a smooth user experience, allowing you to work and study more confidently.


The backlit keyboard is installed to greatly enhance the visual effect! Let you type easily in the dark!

Many friends who have used laptops feel that the keyboard of the laptop has a bad typing feel and is easy to make typos. However, after the JOI® Book 155 Pro keyboard has been improved, there are obvious gaps between the keys, which can reduce input errors caused by accidental touch and improve your office and study efficiency! Besides, the backlit keyboard in JOI® Book 155 Pro not only looks super cool but also has great functions! When you want to drive at night to work or study, but don’t want to disturb the people who are sleeping in the room, the backlit keyboard of JOI® Book 155 Pro allows you to see all the keys without turning on the lights!


SSD solid-state hard drives can be supported and your office and learning efficiency could be promoted on a large scale!

The notebook of JOI® Book 155 Pro can support SSD. Compared with mechanical hard drives, SSD solid-state drives are faster than mechanical hard drives in computer power-on and off, large-scale application loading, and data transmission! If you purchase JOI® Book 155 Pro, you will get an extra SSD solid-state drive! Also, JOI® Book 155 Pro can also support 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks.


Type-C interface transfers files faster!

The fifth highlight of JOI® Book 155 Pro is that it uses the same Type-C interface as a mobile phone, which can charge a variety of devices such as mobile phones and tablets! And Type-C interface transfers files faster and saves time!


This JOI® Book 155 Pro is very suitable for the student who needs online lessons or office workers who come to work! You can purchase this JOI® Book 155 Pro for only RM1,699, and get an extra 256GB SSD solid-state drive and laptop backpack!


If you are considering buying an office laptop, JOI® Book 155 Pro would be a good choice! Interested friends can click on the link below to purchase this cheap, good-looking laptop with good performance!

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