Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steaming Oven is online: steaming, roasting, frying, and stewing all in one oven


The Mijia smart steaming oven has a multi-purpose steaming, baking, frying, and stewing machine, 30 seconds of rapid steam output, a water purification filter box, support for intelligent control, and so on.

It adopts a full-door vertical body with a built-in three-layer steaming and grilling trough. It also comes with a stainless steel steaming tray, a grill, and a baking tray. It supports three-layer steaming and barbecue. One machine has multiple functions to meet the food needs of the whole family.

The Mijia smart steaming oven is driven by a 1200W high-power evaporation pan, which can output uniform and dense steam in 30 seconds, and can steam for 120 minutes with one addition of water. The microcomputer intelligently controls the amount of steam and cooking time.


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The roasting mode is equipped with 1450W high power, hidden heat roasting tube on the back, and 12cm large-size circulating fan, so that the heat in the oven cavity is evenly distributed, and the air frying effect is better realized, and the food taste can be guaranteed without the need for oil.

The unique steaming and grilling mode of the steamer combines two cooking modes. The grilling makes the surface crispy, and steaming adds moisture to the food, making the grilled or baked food taste softer and tender. Built-in air frying mode, through strong hot air circulation to dry the surface of the food, it can achieve a similar crispy effect without frying.

The Mijia smart steaming oven adopts a 1.2-liter large-capacity, bottom-drawing water tank, which can flexibly replenish water during the cooking process to avoid temperature fluctuations caused by opening the oven door. With a curved dome and optimized waterway structure, the longest steam life can reach 120 minutes.


The steaming oven has been connected to the Mijia APP, supports more than 50 cloud smart recipes, can customize the cooking time, mode and name, and supports Xiaoai voice to pause cooking and query the remaining time.

The cavity of the Mijia smart steaming oven is made of 304 stainless steel for food contact, with a hidden grilling tube design. The inner wall is flat without interference from the grilling tube, which can easily clean oil and water stains after cooking.

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