Young man’s first Lamborghini–Xiaomi x Lamborghini joint electric kart


The Xiaomi x Lamborghini joint electric kart is developed, produced and manufactured by the No. 9 robot of Xiaomi Eco-chain Enterprise. The whole car incorporates classic Lamborghini elements, and its shape is like a Lamborghini mini supercar with a rear wing.


The appearance of the kart uses Lamborghini’s exclusive color scheme, and the body is printed with Lamborghini metal LOGO. The yellow and black match is very recognizable. The steel frame of the vehicle has an effective load of up to 100kg, which can effectively deal with road impact at high speeds;

The hardware adopts a steel frame, TPE soft front lip, quick-release sports drift rear tire, air-cooled hub motor, air-cooled battery pack and four kinds of engine simulation sound waves, the maximum speed can reach 40km/h, driving experience has a comprehensive upgrade, it can also become a balance bike.


Besides, the body is also telescopic, with 4 levels of length adjustment, and the height of the steering wheel can also be adjusted. It can be controlled by children from 1.3m to adults of 1.9m. The frame can also be folded and can be put in, after being fully folded, most cars’ trunk for easy transportation.


In terms of battery life, the No. 9 Kart Pro Lamborghini car customized version is equipped with a 432Wh battery. It has a battery life of 25KM when fully charged, which is equivalent to 62 consecutive laps on a 400-meter track. The battery pack adopts a four-air duct heat dissipation design, which can maintain a stable energy supply even at extreme speeds.



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