2 products that will make your Spring Festival holiday no longer boring

The footstep of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, the sense of ritual of life is a must. So, what are some fun technological goodies to recommend if you want to have a more fulfilling and ceremonial Spring Festival?

Speaking of the Spring Festival, the annual Spring Festival Gala can’t be missed. So a big screen TV is indispensable. The TCL 85X6C large screen LCD TV is a very good choice.


The 85-inch wide field of view brings every scene and every person in the picture to life with clear detail. On the performance design, TCL 85 x6c screen LCD TV MS848C chip has strong ability of calculation, image processing, and multitasking operating ability, make manipulation, decoding and significantly increase of computing power, it supports MEMC Omni-directional motion image stabilization, through Q graphics engine, 4D scene optimization function, ecological HDR technology, security, etc. The large screen picture details, with the performance of the strong support for the screen output, brought a powerful guarantee!

In terms of audio processing, the Conchs Sound on TCL 85X6C large-screen LCD TV uses a new Dolby /DTS dual decoding technology to provide a clear 360° surround sound effect for multi-channel processing. Slightly adjust the sound of each frequency band of the TV, surging shock hi-fi realistic experience, like a private cinema with immersive feeling!

After talking about TV, let’s talk about audio. What I recommend here is HomePod, which many users like very much.


HomePod is a product released by Apple in June 2017. It is equipped with an Apple A8 chip, built-in Siri, and supports AirDrop. Its interior is equipped with high amplitude bass units which are arranged with six circular microphone arrays, seven wave-shape of folding treble units. With a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module of low power consumption, it can connect the iPhone in pairs and multiple HomePod synergies between communication, providing stereo enjoyment for the user.


If users consider the price of this product, they can also buy another HomePod Mini full of a cost-effective, small body that can also bring a surprise experience.