Xiaomi AIOT router AX3600 has received firmware update v1.1.12


On February 9th, Xiaomi AIOT router AX3600 was introduced with V1.1.12 firmware, which includes a major upgrade of Mesh function and a better seamless roaming experience.

PS. This update requires visiting the official website of Xiaomi router to download ROM firmware and manually update it (upload ROM upgrade in the backstage management interface of the router).

This update includes:

A new upgrade to Mesh supports hybrid networking with the AX6000 for better roaming experience.

Mesh networking in AP mode is supported, and the maximum number of access devices in the entire Mesh network increases from 4 to 10;

Optimize the 2.4G experience when working with some IoT devices;

Web background new netease UU plug-in localization installation function;

Web background new DHCP server default gateway and other functions, support personalized configuration;

IPv6 native mode removes firewall restrictions by default;

Other known issues fixed;



If you have used AX3600 and AX6000 Mesh networking before, it is recommended that you manually upgrade the AX3600 first, and reset the Mesh networking after successful upgrading.

Xiaomi routers AX1800 and REDMI routers AX5/AX6 will also release new firmware for new Mesh upgrades. OTA upgrades are expected to be delivered to all of you before the end of March.


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